Automated Ad Creation
and Trafficking

Put campaign build and management on autopilot.

Automated data capture, ad build and output to your targeted audience wherever they are

We capture approved content from your website, intranet, Coop or Agency portal and create an automated feed. We also use custom ads built by your professional graphic artist or agency. We then use our automated ad builder to spin up your single professional ad or captured assets into ads of every shape and size demanded by social and web ad network in a matter of seconds. Once these ads are approved by you the automation continues to output into each social and web channel with hyper-targeting capabilities and no human intervention.

Feed Ads

Product inventory advertising made easy with Feed Ads

Advertising your products through ad templates reflecting your brand has never been easier than with the LocalLook feed ads system.

Feed ads keep digital display activity accurate and relevant, for better efficiency and to ensure online marketing budget is used most effectively. Feed ads capture information from an external source and insert it into specific elements of your ad design. It takes dynamic content from your inventory source feeding it into your display ads.

Data feed ads let you create hundreds of variants within minutes by connecting digital advertising to an ever-changing inventory so your ads update in real-time. This means that the products in the ads are always up to date with a simplified digital advertising strategy that handles any changes or updates to stock, odds, promotions or new inventory.

The content of your ads are updated when anything changes so budgeted ad spend is only ever used to promote what is relevant and available.