Case study: Home Service and Repair

Sometimes there is nothing like looking at another business that has struggled with similar issues, taking the learnings, simulating successful tactics and avoiding situations that didn’t work. Most professional schools incorporate case studies into curriculum. Success simulation also works in sports, music and art.

In this post we look at an actual local business, observe its pain points and offer solutions with digital marketing tactics that can be easily replicated without a large budget or investment in time. We then provide links so you have the information you need to do the same yourself or to access a business package and have it done for you.

Marketing budget – what works and what is wasted

Owner’s Manual Case study: Air Conditioning and Heating Service and Repair

This local business is an air conditioning and heating contractor in Southern California. He is an owner-operator with three service trucks including his own.

The challenge is that when the owner launched his website, he elected to subscribe to the web host company “marketing program” which included search engine optimization and digital directory syndication. However, the web hosting company provided no reporting, and the owner saw no evidence that he is receiving any result or value from his monthly credit card hit of $500. Additionally, many of his service calls are geographically too far away. The owner wanted to deploy more service calls within 7 miles of his location.

The solution was to fill out the company Google Business Profile using descriptive keywords, accurate categories and service area. The Google Business Profile is free from Google and enables local brick and mortar and service businesses to appear in Google search organic results based on keyord and location match with the consumer conducting the search.   It should be noted that his company did not rank organically in any searches within their desired communities.

Additionally, the $500 monthly marketing budget was allocated one half to Google paid search and one half to keyword display retargeting, both campaigns delivered specifically within the three cities of his 7 miles radius. The combination of search and retargeted display gives the best chance of achieving recognition with multiple impressions per consumer who had conducted a search. Essentialy, this business began to appear in both oranic and paid search results with the primary keywords related to Heating and Airconditioning service, repair and installation. After a consumer used those keywords in a search, a display ad was dispatched and followed that consumer around on their phone, laptop and  desktop computers offering specials and building awareness.

The result. This client averages 159 actions per month including 15 calls. His cost per action is $3.15 and estimated cost per lead is $31.50 given that 10 percent of actions become leads. Industry average is $200 to $300 cost per lead.

This business owner’s operating pain pain has has shifted to handling more calls and dispatching his service trucks in the most efficient manner possible.That’s a different problem and clearly a much better problem to have!

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