Multi-Channel Targeted and Retargeted Display

One method is to use remarketing audiences. Regardless of the channel, remarketing audiences are oftentimes the best performers of any campaign tactic.

Geo Fencing

LocalLook is a leading geofencing advertising agency that focuses on growing your business. Our competitor geofencing advertising services target your industry events, competitors’ locations, and more with pinpoint accuracy. By targeting the people who visit the locations and places that matter most to your target audience, we help you reach your goals for growth, revenue, and more. With geofencing technology, we target custom audiences and locations with pinpoint accuracy. Targeting a precise location based on your competitors’ locations, conferences, and events can lead to better performing ad campaigns — and a higher return on investment (ROI)

Search Retargeting

Ad retargeting is a type of PPC advertising. Advertisers configure their ad campaigns to target specific web users based on their previous internet activity, which can be discerned through cookies and third-party data. As part of our PPC management services, Locallook will assign a consultant tofocus on retargeting campaigns across the following platforms:

  • Google Ad Network.
  • Microsoft Advertising (Bing and Yahoo).
  • Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • Syndication networks (Taboola, Outbrain).

Category Contextual targeting

Contextual targeting delivers relevant ads by analyzing the content being consumed—not the specific person who is consuming it—and therefore, it does not rely on third-party cookies at all. Ad personalization is based on contextual signals from a webpage, and it’s becoming more common for advertisers to use commerce signals from their first-party data as well. Consumers do not necessarily have to opt-in to share their data for contextual targeting to reach them. Contextual targeting allows advertisers to keep reaching consumers across their favorite websites while delivering relevant ads. Contextual targeting allows advertisers to keep reaching consumers across their favorite websites while delivering relevant ads. We help you to target words regarding your business.

Keyword Contextual Retargeting

Keyword retargeting makes placement decisions based on people that search for your designated keywords. For example, if you have a campaign based around selling golf balls, you would input golf and golf ball specific keywords. Then Google finds relevant websites that include your keywords, as well as relevant audiences that have an interest in those targeted words and phrases.

On the otherhand, Contextual targeting is the process that matches ads to relevant sites across the display network. There are several factors that determine where your ad should be shown, including: keywords, topics, interests, and audiences. Essentially Google analyzes each website’s content and assesses its overall theme. Let’s try us to find best keywords for your business

Site Retargeting

Retargeted ads can target users who have had previous interactions with your site or your brand. For example, a potential customer may have looked at specific product categories on your website. This is commonly referred to as website retargeting.

Alternatively, retargeted ads can be served to users who have never interacted with your brand, but have shown interest in other brands and product pages that are similar to yours. This is called dynamic retargeting.Retargeting can be executed on search networks (search retargeting) or via display networks (display retargeting).

CRM / mail list targeting

CRM software helps you manage your company’s relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers.while Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing today, with over 3.9 billion active users around the world. It is a great way to reach your customers, offering endless ways to provide information. One of the best ways to ensure that you are sending the right content to the right people is combining your email marketing tool with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Read on to learn how CRMs can benefit your email marketing efforts, the benefits that a CRM-enabled email marketing tool can offer your small business and some of the best all-in-one platforms.

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