Digital Marketing Packages and Services

 Pre-built, performance proven packages for start ups, non-profits and small businesses that can’t justify a full time marketing manager or team. Custom assessment, strategy, implementation and management services available to support marketing departments or agencies of larger enterprises

Predefined Packages

One hour consultation with actionable recommendation – book appointment here. 

BASIC DIGITAL PRESENCE  (Includes Business Profiles for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Website performance score and recommendations)  

one time fee  $299 One time Buy Now

Simple SEO Starter (Includes above website performance analysis, traffic baseline, Keyword analysis, Web page keyword content recommendation or tags 3 pages, 9 keywords, backlink strategy, ongoing recommendation) 

One time fee $299 Buy Now

Your Digital Marketing Assistant (maintain website, post content to social media, prepare monthly performance reports)   $499 monthly Book free consultation.

Your Digital Marketing Manager (Assitant plus manage boosted post and ad campaigns on search, social and app based networks) $749 monthly plus ad spend Book free consultation.

Your Digital Marketing Director (Manager plus develop channel strategy based on business growth goals, digital marketing performance results, unpaid and paid post and ad message testing)  $999 Monthly Book free consultation.

High performance multi-channel ad campaigns includes GOOGLE PAID SEARCH (with Google Business Profile Update if necessary) combined with Search DISPLAY RETARGETING to create omni-channel maximum impact

    • Package 1 75 Guaranteed Actions                          $299 Buy Now
    • Package 2 125 Guaranteed Actions                        $499 Buy Now
    • Package 3 175 Guaranteed Actions                        $699 Buy Now
    • Package 4 225 Guaranteed Actions                        $899  Buy Now
    • Package 5 275 Guaranteed Actions                        $1,099 Buy Now
    • Custom multi-channel targeting utlizing search, social and app networks available. Book free consultation.
    • Above actions are defined as a call, text, click, form fill, email as measured by channel reporting and website analytics

Social Media & Blog Posts

    • Set up & manage 1 profile, 1 post / week           $475
    • Set up & manage1 profile, 3 posts / week         $655
    • Reputation and review management                 $450
    • Blog Posting and management 2 posts / mo.   $375
    • Blog posting and management 4 posts / mo.  $650
  • All social media post packages please book one hour consultation to ascertain content source, schedule Book free consultation.

  *Customized Search, Display, Social combinations available to mix and match based on individual client goals and performance.

  **All Services paid by credit card or bank account ACH monthly in advance. 30 Day cancellation notice required.

*** Let us be your marketing department. Book free consultation for proposal



 Flexible approach to assess marketing performance, develop and implement solutions for start ups, non-profits and small businesses that can’t justify a full time marketing leader or team

Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan Development

A recent report revealed that nearly 50 percent of businesses don’t have a clearly defined online marketing strategy to steer their digital marketing efforts. This means many market leaders are investing their time, money and resources in paid digital marketing services without a well-planned approach for goal setting and achievement, task prioritization, marketing direction, budget and resource allocation.

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What is the best approach to achieve your business goals? Where does your digital marketing budget go and what is the ROI? 

Let us help you to develop a plan that addresses these questions, and create actionable tactics within a cohesive strategy to get you to your desired destination.

Whether in start up mode trying to attract capital or a mature business attempting to capture more profitable business in the marketplace, we can help develop an actionable plan that tracks progress along the way.

Digital marketing plan execution

Let us take your digital marketing plan and help you to execute all or the portions that are beyond the scope of your internal team or agency of record’s expertise. Most marketing departments or general agencies do not have the expertise to get granular on hyper-targeting campaigns, continuous optimization and web traffic conversion tied to an increase in sales.

It is important that before you implement anything online, you have a cohesive strategy that integrates all offline and online brand assets, such that all the elements play well-coordinated, yet distinct roles in reaching the targeted audience with the right message. Each channel plays a role and contributes incremental value to the desired result. For businesses it’s usually profitable revenue. However, for non-profits and others sometimes it is registration, participation, volunteer growth, app downloads, etc. 

If you have a skills and abilities gap with your team and aren’t able to execute according to plan, consider letting LocalLook help.

Digital Agency Services

LocalLook Network is a complete digital marketing service provider, producing guaranteed measurable results that clients are looking for. While our expertise is hyper-targeting your potential VIP client by surrounding them with messages through multiple channels, we also provide full digital agency services needed by most local business.

These services include:

  • Digital marketing audit
  • Digital marketing strategic plans
  • Website, Social Media page development
  • Search Engine Optimization (Organic)
  • Paid Search
  • Email marketing
  • Content development
  • Social media and blog posting
  • Event marketing
  • Digital fencing 
  • Retargeting / remarketing
  • OTT / Internet TV
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer